REC Solar Panels

REC TwinPeak Series

Premium solar modules give you superior performance and power generation

The REC TwinPeak Series features an innovative design for higher module efficiency and power output, giving you:

  • More power for more electricity generation
  • Higher yield through improved performance in shaded conditions
  • Breakthrough technologies for increased light capture
  • Proven reliability of an established European brand

Half cut cells

Laser cut polysilicon cells reduce internal resistance for higher power output, higher efficiency and increased reliability.

Passivated emitter rear cell

New generation of cell technology captures more wavelengths of light through mirror-like architecture for higher efficiency.

Split junction box

The three parts enable the innovative new cell layout for a higher energy yield, while reducing heat & increasing reliability.

Four bus bars

A shorter distance for electrons to travel vastly improves the current flow, reducing resistance in the cell & increasing efficiency.


Highly professional. Always happy to answer questions. Felt that they weren't locked into selling the product that just maximised their bottom line. Installation with Tom,Steve and Scott went very smoothly.
Michael, NSW

We were very happy with the whole process. Tom helped us make informed decisions and was available to answer any questions we had. Tom and his team were very efficient. We recommend them.
Libby, NSW

Highly recommend Freedom Energy Solutions to every one. Tom and his team were professional. If i had any queries the contacted me straight away and the installation was over before you knew it. Thanks Tom
John, NSW