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If you’re aiming to cut down on your energy expenses and make a positive environmental impact, Freedom Energy Solutions is your premier destination for solar panels in Ballina. As a forefront provider of solar panel installations for both residential and commercial properties across the area, our committed team specialises in crafting and setting up the ideal solar systems tailored to your requirements.

Residential Solar Panels in Ballina

Looking to harness the sun’s power for your Ballina residence? We offer a wide selection of adaptable residential solar panel systems, specifically crafted to fulfill your energy needs.

Working in close partnership with our experienced experts, we’ll develop and install a solar power system that provides a reliable source of clean and renewable energy for your home, for many years to come.

Furthermore, our residential solar power installation services in Ballina are streamlined and straightforward, designed to make the entire process effortless for you.

Woman gardening outside home with solar panels on roof

At Freedom Energy Solutions, serving Ballina and the surrounding areas, we are committed to offering superior solar solutions.

Our variety of residential solar panels and solar systems is meticulously tailored to address the distinct energy requirements of homeowners in Ballina. Our team of professional solar installers in Ballina is dedicated to providing smooth and efficient solar power installation services.

With our solar energy solutions in Ballina, you can lower your energy expenses and contribute to environmental sustainability. Whether you’re in need of solar panels in Ballina or seek help with solar power installation in Ballina, we’ve got your needs fully covered.

A customised solar system for your home that meets your unique energy needs
High-quality residential solar panels that are built to last
Hassle-free installation services that are fast, efficient, and affordable
Ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that your solar panels are always operating at peak efficiency

Aiming to boost your savings on energy expenses and significantly decrease your ecological footprint in Ballina? Our exceptional residential solar power systems are exactly what you’re searching for. By utilizing solar energy with our state-of-the-art solar panel systems for residences, you can produce your own clean and renewable solar power, achieving autonomy on your Ballina property.

In the realm of residential solar installation services, our knowledgeable team in Ballina is dedicated to supporting you through each phase of the installation. We’re attuned to the specific needs of Ballina homeowners and ready to solve any inquiries or issues you might encounter.

Embark on the path to a more sustainable future in Ballina today. Get in touch with us to discover more about our superior residential solar panels, advanced solar systems, and groundbreaking home solar power solutions.


Trina Solar, a global leader in solar innovation since its inception in 1997, is at the forefront of revolutionising the solar energy landscape. Trina Solar’s unwavering commitment to excellence has made it a trusted name in PV products, PV systems, and smart energy solutions worldwide.

440 Watt Trina Vertex S+ DUAL GLASS N type i-TOPCon MODULE

The Trina Vertex S+ DUAL GLASS N-type i-TOPCon MODULE is a compact, high-powered solar panel generating up to 445 watts with a module efficiency of 22.3%. It features advanced technologies like multi-busbar for better efficiency and lower installation costs. With a dual-glass design, it offers high reliability and can withstand harsh environmental conditions, including heavy snow and wind loads. This panel comes with extended warranties, minimal degradation, and is suitable for residential and commercial rooftops, offering compatibility with existing equipment and easy installation options.

For the cost conscious. For environmentalists. For energy pioneers. Put your trust in Q CELLS technology . Whether a practical complete package or a tailor-made photovoltaic solution you can make long term savings on electricity costs in your home. With Hanwha Q CELLS solar solutions you get guaranteed quality and a solar system that matches your needs. Download company guide

Q.PLUS-G4.1 270-280

The Q.MAXX-G5+ Series solar panel delivers high efficiency (21.3%) and reliability with a 25-year product and linear performance warranty. It’s designed for residential use, employs advanced technologies like Anti LeTID, Hot-Spot Protect, and Q.ANTUM DUO, and is built to endure extreme weather conditions, making it a top choice for long-term renewable energy solutions.

REC is a fully integrated provider of solar solutions. Meaning they not only manufacture solar panels, but also everything that goes into them – from silicon, wafers, cells, to panels, and even going beyond by offering expert services and solutions.

REC 410 Watt TwinPeak 5 BLACK Series

REC TwinPeak 5 Black Series solar panels feature an innovative design with high panel efficiency and power output, enabling customers to get the most out of the space used for the installation.

Combined with industry-leading product quality and the reliability of a strong and established European brand, REC TwinPeak 5 Black Series panels are ideal for residential and commercial rooftops worldwide.

Commercial Solar Panels Ballina

For companies in pursuit of a wise financial decision that results in energy cost reductions and a smaller ecological footprint, opting for a commercial solar system is an astute choice. Our expertise is in crafting and setting up bespoke solar panel solutions for businesses that seamlessly match your unique energy needs. Delve into our comprehensive range of commercial solar solutions, which includes both commercial solar panels and entire commercial solar power systems.

At Freedom Energy Solutions, we recognize the distinct energy demands of each business. To accommodate these requirements, we offer a broad selection of customisable commercial solar panels and systems, designed to ideally suit your precise specifications.

Woman gardening outside home with solar panels on roof

In Ballina, if you’re looking to reduce energy expenses, boost sustainability, or demonstrate your commitment to the environment, our team of experts is on hand to help you design and install the perfect commercial solar system.

You can be confident that our commercial solar panels come from trusted industry leaders, ensuring durable, high-quality products.

We offer a wide range of commercial solar systems for businesses of all sizes in Ballina, including both grid-tied and off-grid options, customized to suit your unique needs.

Receive expert advice and guidance from our experienced professionals
Get a customised solar system that caters to your unique energy requirements
Enjoy hassle-free installation services that are fast, efficient, and cost-effective
Experience high-quality commercial solar panels that are designed to withstand the test of time
Receive ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the optimal performance of your solar panels

In Ballina, enterprises can experience significant savings on energy bills and a decrease in their carbon emissions through our tailored commercial solar power solutions.

By selecting our services for commercial solar panel installations, you can expect a streamlined and efficient process, designed to let you focus on your core business activities.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to learn more about the benefits of our commercial solar systems, solar panels, and all-encompassing solar installation services in Ballina.

We are keenly awaiting the opportunity to support your business in tapping into the power of solar energy for its growth and sustainability.



Highly professional. Always happy to answer questions. Felt that they weren’t locked into selling the product that just maximised their bottom line. Installation with Tom,Steve and Scott went very smoothly.
Michael, NSW
We were very happy with the whole process. Tom helped us make informed decisions and was available to answer any questions we had. Tom and his team were very efficient. We recommend them.
Libby, NSW
Highly recommend Freedom Energy Solutions to every one. Tom and his team were professional. If i had any queries the contacted me straight away and the installation was over before you knew it. Thanks Tom
John, NSW



Solar Powered Systems

We offer a variety of solar powered systems for a range of applications, from solar panel systems for homes to solar home power solutions. Our team of experts can help you find the perfect solar-powered system for your needs.

At Freedom Energy Solutions, we understand that sustainability is a top priority for many people. That is why we offer solar-powered system solutions that can help you reduce your reliance on fossil fuels and lower your energy bills. Our solar power systems are designed to harness the power of the sun and convert it into clean, renewable energy.

Three different SMA Solar Inverters
Couple sitting on porch with solar panels on roof

Regardless of your location, be it the bustling city center, a suburban neighborhood, or a remote rural area, our solar energy solutions are adaptable to fulfill your distinct energy demands. We feature a diverse array of solar power options, including solar panels for both home and business use, along with inverters and batteries designed to optimize your savings.

Our offerings in solar panel packages are tailored to make transitioning to solar power both straightforward and cost-effective. We have a selection of solar panel options to accommodate various preferences and budgets, ensuring you find the perfect match. Our experienced team is ready to assist you in choosing the ideal solar panels for your premises, highlighting choices like solar panels in Ballina for local residents.

High-quality solar panels that are built to last
Hassle-free installation services that are fast, efficient, and affordable
Ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that your solar panels are always operating at peak efficiency
With our solar power systems, you can take control of your energy usage and reduce your impact on the environment. Contact us today to learn more about our solar powered system solutions and how they can benefit your home or business.
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